New Cocktail Menu at Teardrop Lounge

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The New Menu Has Arrived! 
Happy New Year, one and all! With 2013 gearing up, we’re ready to unveil the new menu..

The staff is thrilled, once again, to be mixing with winter citrus: from the deep richness of blood oranges to the soft and supple acidity of Buddha’s Hand citron.
There are a host of bright, anticipatory drinks and punches, such as the Red Letter Day, a vibrant blend of St-Germain, Angostura bitters, and hefeweissbier. But there are still dark, sultry offerings to be had: we’ve concocted a fig-balsamic gastrique, paired it with a cold-brewed coffee from Sterling Roasters, and wrapped that all in the warm embrace of the new Johnny Drum Black Label whiskey. Let’s call it “Have Faith.”Add a delectable assortment of recipes from our dear friends around the country, as well as a whole lotta whimsy with some classics (be sure to check out the best Chocolate Martini EVER), and you have an idea of what’s going on down here. 
So take a gander at the latest offerings, and swing in to sample some of our boozy fare!  




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