Mountain Rose Herbs Becomes First Eugene Business Certified as Salmon-Safe

EUGENE, OR—December 30, 2013—Mountain Rose Herbs, one of the nation’s largest bulk suppliers of organic herbs, spices, and teas, is excited to announce they have been awarded Salmon-Safe certification for the campus on Stewart Road in West Eugene.  This certification culminates a long process of assessment and evaluation by an interdisciplinary team of scientists with expertise in salmon habitat and restoration, integrated pest management (IPM) and innovative storm water treatment. The assessment team conducts a comprehensive assessment of the overall management policies and planning related to habitat and water quality protection of the campus. The team also conducts a field review of the campus management practices and habitat conditions to evaluate whether such management is consistent with Salmon-Safe’s site-specific standards for avoiding harm to stream ecosystems. This is the first Salmon-Safe certification in the Eugene, Oregon area.

Prior to the half-day site visit on July 10, 2013, representatives from Mountain Rose Herbs put together documentation to be reviewed by Salmon-Safe evaluation team members prior to, during, and after the field assessment. This has been a collaborative process to ensure Mountain Rose Herbs is being as innovative as possible in the following areas: conserving water, a commitment to pesticide-free and minimal fertilizer use in landscaping, managing storm water runoff through the development of a bio swale, and progressive habitat restoration.

Salmon is the common name for many species of fish in the Salmonidae family.  In the Pacific Northwest, salmon have been an historically and ecologically significant species—sustaining other important animals like bears, beavers, and birds. Urban development, climate and habitat changes, and over-harvesting have all contributed to marked salmon population decline. It has become imperative for a region-wide focus on improving salmon habitat in both urban and rural areas.

Prior to Euro-American colonization, the site where Mountain Rose Herbs is located was probably covered by wetlands. In the late 1800’s, the area was ditched and drained to be developed as farmland. It is now a mix of farmland and industrial warehouses and properties. The site now drains to the adjacent Amazon Canal, which then drains to the Long Tom River, a significant salmon bearing river and tributary of the Willamette River. Past land management practices in the Willamette Basin, including the filling of

wetlands and modifications to natural channels, have adversely impaired salmon habitat. Improved land management practices have the potential to improve rearing and migratory habitat for salmon in the adjacent Amazon Canal and downstream waters.

Salmon also figure prominently in the mythology, culture and spirituality of the native people of the Pacific Northwest. Because salmon health is so important to the ecosystem of our local environment, Mountain Rose Herbs believes it is imperative to do everything possible to repair, restore, and improve habitat and water quality. As the health and well-being of the salmon goes, so goes the health and well-being of the water, land, and people.

According to vice-president and co-owner Shawn Donnille, “Salmon and water health are the cornerstones of environmental well-being here in the Pacific Northwest. Any conservation efforts must include rigorous changes in how we live and work at every level.”

Director of Sustainability, Alyssa Lawless adds: “At the end of the day, it’s about being accountable. We’ve done this with the help of Salmon-Safe by gathering the facts, analyzing them, making recommendations, and improving our policies and procedures. Mountain Rose Herbs has taken a firm stance on protecting aquatic life in urban ecosystems and we hope that other businesses, farms, and campuses will join us!

About Mountain Rose Herbs
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