Kicking off 2013 in style at Clyde Common!

The art of the perfect hash adventure
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Food porn at Clyde Common!

Clyde Common Delivers!

Wow! If you were one of the madding crowd that descended upon Clyde Common, you experienced one of the very best hashcapades ever! Great atmosphere, stunning presentation and scrumptious hash – instant food coma! Salivate here!

Hashcapades is a GIFT

Fresh off the holiday season, many of you gave my cookbook to your loved ones, for which I’m extremely grateful! But wait, it gets better! For each hardcover copy of Hashcapades you purchase from my site, I will donate $1 to Graph It Forward Today (GIFT). Check it out!


Rebecca Gerendasy and Kathleen Bauer interviewed me and filmed a hashcapade at Chez Clark. We made a Braised Pork Hash inspired by a Stephanie Inn’s gnocchi dish. Sneak Peek!

From the Hashcapades Archives

Beef Brisket Hash at Podnah’s Pit. This was the scene of a raucous hashcapade with unforgettable lines like, “I’ve got biscuit crumbs on my glasses”. Who said this?

James John Cafe

Next Hashcapade

We’re excited to announce our next hashcapade: James John Cafe on Sunday, February 17 at 10:30AM. Hash goodness abounds!

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